Why Engage with Us?

  • Experienced team:  Average of two decades of wisdom behind the team. Solved the most complex of business challenges
  • Quality Deliverables : Delivered 100’s of projects
  • Excellence : We aim for excellence, we want it right the first time, on budget and on time.
  • Agility: We understand and value agility and hate waste
  • Control : Retain control within the client organization – collaboration at every stage of project life cycle
  • Effective Governance: Strategic, Tactical and Operational governance
  • Transparency : Code Visibility and Access to Application. Cloud Hosting & Online Source Control
  • Pragmatic : Our focus is on tangible deliverables not 50-page reports.
  • Constant Communication: Weekly Status Calls for Project Updates, Steady Progress in Milestones
  • No vendor ‘lock in’: Our work talks and you will want to keep us.

What you will experience

  • Size doesn’t matter:  Drawing from our experience in catering to large and high tech corporations, we are bringing the same standards of operation and engineering principles to small companies and inventors, providing them with the high quality products that are developed with the same level of care as those of their future competition. This way we enable our start-up clients to compete with large corporations on the same level.
  • Value for money: ‘Big Enterprise’ IS NOT ONLY ABOUT QUALITY – IT IS ABOUT PROFIT

We implement the same design techniques and strategies and focus, from the very beginning, on low cost manufacturing and assembly and maximum cost reduction both in case of Big Enterprise and Start-Up clients, providing them with the room not only for easy and competitive sales, (once product is on the retail shelves), but also for profit margins that allow them a sustained development and a number of future generations of new products.

‘Big Enterprise’ WORTHY services and solutions for a FRACTION of the COST

Mastering the product development process and operating on ‘Lean’ principles we managed to increase our efficiency offering our high quality product development services to Start-ups and Inventors for a fraction of the cost.

  • Trust worthiness  and personalized services: Operating on ‘Lean’ principles InnoFlexion engineers are in direct communication with our clients, eliminating unnecessary costs and ensuring that communication with the client (or inventor) is transparent and personalized in a team-like manner. We enjoy developing new products and believe that continuous and transparent discussion with the client will lead to the best possible results. Working as our clients’ agent we listen to their visions and desires contemplating the best strategies to reach their goals. All services are utterly flexible and we work in the clients best interest ultimately accommodating their input and requests.
  • Ownership: By assimilating the client’s goals we passionately contribute to the success of the product as if it were our own. We enjoy when the client sees us as part of his/her TEAM, not only as the service provider and when we are given the opportunity to contribute beyond standard technical services focusing on end user and ultimate goals. Your success is our success.

Engagement Model

From developers to designers and project managers to architects, our team is one of the best and most experienced people in the industry.

Turn key project : You provide us with business  input and domain direction, and we take care of the rest. We estimate, architect, design, code, test and implement it all.

Team Augment : You already have an IT group or team running and just need access to additional help and quick. We can quickly help augment your team with amazing people who will help ensure your success.

Co Deliver: In this collaborative model, we use some of our resources and some of yours. We create a resource plan, determine the resources needed, and use both your team and ours.

What You Can Gain!

  • Custom Tailored Development Team
  • Scale Seamlessly
  • Fixed Cost Per Resource Per Month – Managed Billing
  • Multi Skilled Resources for Enhanced Cost Benefits
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Accountability on Project Outcome
  • Best Processes, Practices, Methods, and Metrics from the Service Provider
  • Labor Arbitrage is Very Low
  • Integrated End to End Services – Managed Delivery, co-sourced model and Staff Augmentation
  • Reduced Operational Risks and Costs
  • Best Practices: Architecture, Coding standards, Effective reviews, etc.
  • Flexible Delivery methodologies
  • Industrialization through value added services – Tools and Asset development as part of the engagements/projects