We Know The World of Non-Profits

We understand the unique challenges non-profits face. Our typical approach is to partner with you by first understanding your business, developing a strategy, and then identifying quick wins that can help propel your cause. When there is synergy we may consider some ‘skin in the game’ to build a very tight partnership.


One of the biggest challenges non-profits face these days is funding, with rapid decline of government grants and stiff competition for foundation-based grants exploring new avenues of fundraising are a must.


It is crucial to the success of your organization that your customers, volunteers, partners, funders and other stakeholders understand what you do. Developing a winning strategy, plan and collateral for the diverse set of audience is a real challenge.

Managing Business And Operations

Many a times you require skills that are not core to your initiative and yet they are critical to delivering your mission.


Even though you may realize that innovation will enable you to accomplish your mission, you have no time to focus on it.

Budget Challenges

With limited budget one is forced to compromise on services and deliver the mission of the organization.


Services Offered

We offer technology frameworks, solutions that address your challenges

Funding : We have platforms that make raising funds for your non-profit fun and entertaining. No more pestering

Marketing : Our expertise with app attribution can help target the right audience on social media and track market traction for you outreach, app download and app usage

Managing Business And Operations : Our expertise in ERP and CRM implementation can help keep the backbone of your operations humming

Innovation : We will work with you to weave innovation into your non-profit. We will design, architect, implement, the grand vision and innovation ideas from concept to launch. Leveraging our expertise in embedded, cloud and mobile technologies.

Budget Challenges : No budget is small or big for us, We will work with you in a manner that balance the needs of your organization.



#1 ENGAGE & DEFINE : Help us understand your mission, vision and objectives. We will put together a proposal.

#2 IMPLEMENT : We will work with you to design and implement based on the proposal.

#3 MANAGE : As a trusted advisor and partner, we will manage, track and optimize.