Innoflexion: User Centric Performance Monitoring, A Quantum Leap


Innoflexion: User Centric Performance Monitoring, A Quantum Leap

Srinidhi Belligundu, Co – Founder 

With enterprises adopting mobile first approach to improve operational efficiency as well customer experience, the number of applications in the market places has grown multifold. The landscape of application portfolio is changing at a furious pace. Product companies and enterprises alike are grappling with customer base that are predominantly leveraging mobile interface, requiring rapid response and customers who prefer services to be rendered through digital connected mode. Earlier, monitoring of server infrastructure up time and smooth functioning was enough to ensure customer satisfaction. In today’s world focus has shifted to making sure the user experience is not compromised and application performance has a huge role in it. The end user’s performance experience, to great degree, has a direct correlation to revenue growth with consumers. With internal users that correlation is linked to productivity improvement.

Irrespective of application being an internal facing or external facing one, what matters is the users’ experience, where a small compromise has a large cost to the organization. As a result application performance monitoring solutions have emerged to the forefront. The need, at the outset is for applications that are well architect and designed to handle today’s business environment. What has gained more importance is getting constant data feedback for developers to monitor the application for issues and opportunities to improve user experience. The depth and breadth of APM infrastructure differentiates an APM software from the swarming crowd of similar products.

Innoflexion’s sets a new standard when it comes to the depth and breadth of an APM infrastructure for mobility. Having developed and deployed multiple mobility solutions over the years, Innoflexion noticed the gap in APM space and embarked on in the early part of 2018.

Tactyle.ioTactyle is a mobile SDK that embeds seamlessly into an application and enables monitoring performance and response times of

every click that matters. It is designed to measure and monitor interaction of your users in varied connectivity and device environments. “Unlike other SDKs in the market that typically takes into account only the network packet analysis, Tactyle is uniquely built to monitor the performance of application from an overall user experience”, says Srinidhi Belligundu, Co-founder, Innoflexion. He further adds that this is nothing short of a quantum leap, which is going to give a strong competitive edge to the mobileapps that utilize Tactyle’s capabilities. Performance being the most important parameter playing a crucial role in keeping a user engaged, Innoflexion’s SDK makes it an absolute necessity that the performance metrics are directly linked to user experience and measure what matters most. The SDK deliver data to Tactyle’s cloud-based platform. The powerful machine learning enabled analytics engine on the cloud, generate trends, metrics, that can help developers monitor/spot issues and bottlenecks in their mobile apps before the users begin to notice the drag. Tactyle performance metrics is measure of a response for every touch; therefore, Tactyle metric is an exceptionally accurate measure of user experience of the app. Action-able inputs on the flows to optimize and enhance are also facilitated by Tactyle, making it a comprehensive APM tool. All these features stay light on the device. Besides, the load that the SDK adds to the application is well below the 3-4 percent mark, thereby letting the performance unaffected in any way whatsoever.

” Innoflexion’s sets a new standard when it comes to the depth and breadth of an APM infrastructure for mobility” 

Innoflexion is enabling digital transformation strategies for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights by leveraging mobility, cloud and contextual analytics. Innoflexion with its engineering teams across Bengaluru, India, Ukraine and San Jose California has been developing cutting edge products and solutions for its customers across Industrial IoT, Aviation, RegTech, Education, e-governance verticals.

The company has established a reputation of a co-development partner by engaging with its customer throughout their journey, right from product strategizing to the launch. Innoflexion’s success with customer spans across the spectrum from early-stage startups to midsized enterprises. This positions Innoflexion at a preferential place in the market. “We take the co-development partner role seriously and are continually in the quest to ensure the product or solution we build succeeds in the market place. To achieve that goal with agility and excellence, we bring to the table IP and frameworks that can be incorporated into the development cycle. This, I think, will be a differentiated offering in the market for the years to come”, concludes Srinidhi.




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