• We are experts at converting concepts to products. We look forward to monetize your business.
  • We work with your strategy, bring deep functional & technical expertise to Product Development.
  • We are also known for our easy approach . We love what we do and we love bringing success to our clients.

Our Approach to Build Cool Products the Right Way and Fast!

In a typical outsourced setting the culture and incentives encourage engineer to ship something but rarely to find better ways to make successful products. No always are the product development teams aligned to deliver on business objectives. Fortunately, developing a new product doesn’t have to be a roll of the dice. At Innoflexion we have a …. Step approach combining agile software development methods, deep understanding of product vision, and engineering expertise to help product development teams build the right product, faster.

Product Vision

A design thinking led approach to understand the user needs and desires that this product aim to solve. The product vision is also an aggregation of various stakeholder views

  • CUSTOMER VOICE: Keen insight into user needs and desires, an insight into the better future for users due the product.
  • BUSINESS VOICE: This view captures the business interest, the strategic goals and needs of the business itself.
  • ENGINEERING VOICE: Best engineering solution, optimization a and tradeoffs required to build the desired product in the given budget and cost constraints.
  • DESIGN VOICE: A perspective of user interaction, industrial design, and user interface alongside features and functionality.

Creative Engineering

Winning technology products are created by highly capable, highly functional engineering teams. Our engineers are adept team players, holistic thinkers, great problem solvers and good communicators.

Leverage Past Experience

We all know good experience leads to good wisdom, when such wisdom is applied to de-risks product development the maturity level elevates. Whether experience with specific technologies, general problem solving, design, or user testing, or leveraging relevant domain expertise. Our team is well balanced to have experienced hands on the team team as well as being nimble.

Prioritization – Build less, faster

If product priorities aren’t made clear up front, time is wasted building things that aren’t important or not on the critical path. We are constantly probing what matters most then build as little as possible to get there, as fast as possible. By aligning the entire team around focused product priorities, teams lay the groundwork for efficient feature implementation to nail the product vision, as fast as possible.

Not Afraid to Make Course Corrections

Valuable learning occurs from day one and every day on every product development effort, our Agile development approach encourages not only to respond to new learnings and changes. But more importantly we are not afraid to raise an issue when we see it or take initiative for a course course correction when necessary. Our approach has been to seek such changes proactively. By mitigating risks early and continually adapting to the learning and changes we ensure we are on the best path to success.

Taking Ownership

Even with a strong team, a sound methodology, and the best-laid plans, the unexpected to happen. Our team is constructed with responsible individuals and we will not sit back and trust a process to be successful. We will raise the matter and if required will work with you to, roll up our sleeves and get it done. We are team that is not going to be discouraged by obstacles inherent with doing new thing, we are a team that takes ownership of success no matter what challenges the path may throw at us.