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Consumer Analytics Leveraging IoT


IoT-enabled analytics platform for brick and mortar retailers that leverages in-store beacons and the motion sensors in customers’ smartphones to deliver unique insights about individual and aggregated shopper behavior in your stores.

Innoflexion Solution

  • Architected and designed the solution to capture data from onboard to accurately determine shopper path
  • Monitoring the proximity of strategically placed in-store Beacons helps capture shoppers’ instore movement
  • Designed workaround for IOS limitation of background process to build a value add the feature into the product
  • Cloud platform combines the physical location of in-store shoppers with enterprise data to deliver first-of-their-kind insights into shopper behavior, buying and browsing patterns

Business Challenge

  • The goal was to build an SDK that leverages sensors available on customers’ smartphones to accurately deliver the step-by-step shopper path, location and dwells point history of each individual shopper
  • IOS platform had limitations of capturing data in background from the sensors
Consumer Analytics Leveraging IoT
Technology Stack

IOS, Coremotion, Core Location API


  • An integrated SDK that analyzes individual shopper behavior and aggregates data across all shoppers and all stores to deliver valuable insights to all disciplines of your retail enterprise
    • Missed conversions
    • Retargeting
    • Shopper dwell time analysis
    • Traffic flow analysis
    • Checkout queue analysis
    • Shopper session duration
    • Purchase sequencing

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