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Data drives your business decisions. But poorly designed algorithms and data architectures can significantly affect your outputs. Are you aware that your data scientists spend nearly 80% of their time cleaning, refining, and organizing the data you need for your business? A survey of 80 data scientists by CrowdFlower found this to be true. That is quite a lot of time spent on preparation instead of actual analysis and application of valuable data.

The reason behind this is usually bad data engineering. Your business needs a data engineering solution that uses data science to improve your business processes, not slow them down.


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Innoflexion Data Engineering That Makes Difference

Data Engineering that makes a difference

Innoflexion offers data engineering services that cover the entire spectrum of data engineering capabilities your organization needs. With Innoflexion, you can design the most efficient interfaces and platforms that help your data flow seamlessly and allow your data analysis teams to make the best.

Innoflexion can plumb together the most complicated data systems to create data pipelines that bring data directly to you for use. Organize and transform all your structured and unstructured data into valuable, actionable intelligence to help you make better business decisions. Innoflexion is a solution for organizations that treat data as a core enterprise asset and seek to gain a competitive advantage through their data.

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Still using inefficient platforms to manage your data?

The platforms and apps you use to turn your business data into actionable insights make a massive difference to the outcomes you get. Poorly designed platforms are at the root of bad data engineering. Your organization deserves a data engineering solution that can help you collect, store, transform, and optimize your data efficiently, no matter how complicated the data systems are.

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Data Engineering Capabilities at Innflexion

Our data engineering capabilities range from data collection to ingestion to analytics and more.
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Data Pipeline​

Innoflexion offers the expertise you need to create infrastructure for real-time data processing. Our data pipeline solution lets you build the architecture for data processing pipelines across AWS and other open-source technologies. Our data engineers can join the most complex data systems to make data easily accessible to your business. Tap the advantage of our seamless data pipelines built from source systems, serving ready-to-use data directly to your enterprise.

At Innoflexion, data engineers can:

Real-time Data Ingestion​

All your data on a single platform helps you see the bigger picture. That is just what you get with our real-time data ingestion solution. Innoflexion enables your data team to extract, cleanse, optimize and consolidate the data to give you a better perspective. Integrate data from different platforms, including RDBMS, S3 buckets, CSVs, IoT streams, etc.

At Innoflexion, data engineers can:

Innoflexion Data Engineering Real Time Data Ingestion
Innoflexion Data Engineering Data Cleaning

Data Cleansing

Forget about spending days or months structuring and cleansing your data to prevent errors from seeping downstream. Innoflexion scours your data to bring you only the information your business needs. At Innoflexion, quality data always comes before fancy algorithms.

With our data cleansing solutions, you can:

Data Lakes

Data security is the primary concern of most organizations today. Innoflexion helps you build a single, secure storage infrastructure for all types and structures of data you deal with.

Store all types of non-relational or relational data from:

Instantly turn your raw data into usable data ready for predictive analytics and visualization. Improve your raw data ingestion quality and speed with Innoflexion’s data lakes.

Innoflexion Data Engineering Data Lakes
Innoflexion Data Engineering Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Your business does not gain from gathering data; it needs insights from this data.

Innoflexion offers services in data analytics, helping your data teams:

Create intuitive and informative charts, graphs, and more to make better data-driven decisions. Use Innoflexion’s analytics tools to help you communicate your business insights better to your employees and clients.

Machine Learning​ at Innoflexion

Machine learning helps you dive deeper into the data you have to make better decisions, empower your workforce and personalize your customer experiences. Our machine learning-powered tools like the digital assistant and recommendation engine are just what your organization needs to gain deeper insights for business growth.

Innoflexion Data Engineering Machine Learning
Innoflexion Data Engineering Data Engineer

Data Engineering for Everyone

Innoflexion has helped several businesses in the Media Production & Entertainment, Aerospace & Aviation, and Automotive industries strengthen their grip on valuable data. We bring agility to your company and adapt to your changing needs to bring you a quick turnaround without compromising on quality. Contact us today to know more about how our Data Engineering solutions can help your business.

Turn your Business Data into Actionable Insights

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Organize and transform all your structured and unstructured data into valuable, actionable intelligence to help you make better business decisions.

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