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Your customer’s experience on your website or app is the first thing that will strike. Please give them a seamless user interface that is easy to navigate, and you have already won half the battle. And if you don’t, they will leave. 40% of visitors to a website are likely to abandon it if it looks messy and cluttered (Source: Magnet4Blogging).

If you have an idea of what you want your users to see and experience, Innoflexion can turn that idea into a reality.


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Hook your users with great user experience

According to Forrester, for every $1 that you invest in improving the user experience on your website or app, you get a return of $100. So, a better UI certainly means better ROI for your business. But a good UI can’t be built alone. You will need the expertise of designers and engineers who have a proven track record of creating world-class UI designs that can hook visitors to a site, and that is precisely what we specialize at.

Innoflexion’s UI Engineering services can help guide your business at every step. From conceptualization to creating mock-ups to creating a fully responsive digital experience for your users, Innoflexion is with you.

Innoflexion helps you with:

Did You Know?

According to Forrester, for every $1 that you invest in improving the user experience on your website or app, you get a return of $100.

Our UI Engineering Capabilities

The UI Engineering capabilities at Innoflexion cover a wide range of UI/UX development processes that ensure a sophisticated end product. 

Our UI Engineering capabilities include:

Innoflexion Ui Engineering Capabilities

Our UI/UX Development Process

The UI and UX development process at Innoflexion starts with you. Our aim here is to understand your business and help achieve customer loyalty for you. Our engineers begin with studying your user personas and understanding your user needs. Most UI/UX designs that fail lack a basic understanding of what the user wants to see.
Innoflexion has a 7-step approach towards UI/UX design. The steps involved in the process are:

Innoflexion not only helps you design your UI but also improves it. Through continuous monitoring to detect errors and recommendations to improve performance and functionality, we ensure you are in total control of your web and mobile applications at all times.

Analytics & Research Process

We collect and process your requirements. A thorough research and analysis follows for effective project understanding and management.

Concept Presentation

We assist you in choosing an operating system, third-party libraries and frameworks, and determine and partition hardware and software components. After you’ve given the blueprint a go-ahead, it is transferred to our embedded development team.

UI Wireframes

We implement third-party software package porting or middleware and protocol stacks, set up the software development tool, design firmware and software, review architecture, and continuously integrate, deploy, configure and manage the embedded system. 

UI Mockups

Our embedded system development encompasses:

  • Hardware, and device driver development, as well as board bring-up
  • Developing secure bootloaders for the custom hardware
  • Board support packages (BSPs) development, including RTOS, Linux and other operating system porting 

Prototype Testing

We perform thorough product and system testing, comprehensive QA and debugging procedures followed by final delivery. 

Development Process

We bring the embedded system components together and test entire systems to confirm their performance and compliance with all project specifications.

UI Testing Process

Fix bugs quickly with our 24/7 monitoring and performance management. We can also add any new functionality upon your request. 

What makes the UI/UX development process at Innoflexion different from others

The UI/UX development process at Innoflexion focuses on four key factors to bring you an awesome product experience. The four factors are:

Business Goals


Functionality of the Applications


UI & UX side of Application

Hook User

Capacity to hook users to the application

At Innoflexion, business goals are targeted at addressing a pain point or looking for new market opportunities. Your end-user viewpoints are taken into account to build strategies for user loyalty and to increase your social spread.

Innoflexion Ui Engineering Functionality Of Your Application

Functionality of your Application

Innoflexion helps simplify your apps by keeping functionalities to a minimum and retaining only what is essential. Most apps fail at first because they provide too many functionalities but poor usability. 

Innoflexion makes sure your apps are:

The UI and UX designs we create to ensure that the user mindset is taken into account. Your apps are made easy to navigate with minimum clicks and minimum scrolling. We focus on making your apps engaging to keep users hooked on them and keep coming back. Innoflexion creates user experiences with an emotional connection that makes your users want to share your apps and the experience you offer, increasing your reach.

Looking to be a part of the next generation of UI/UX experience?

Your end-user viewpoints are taken into account to build strategies for user loyalty and to increase your social spread.

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Want to build a great UI/UX Experience?

At Innoflexion, user needs along with your business needs are the priority.

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