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The world today is at your fingertips. Then why shouldn’t your business be? Enterprise mobility is no longer a luxury for businesses. It is as essential as any other critical business operation. Your workforce needs to be empowered with the ability to access information and complete tasks from anywhere, on any device. Work productivity in your company can increase by 34% when your employees start using enterprise mobility apps on their smartphones (Frost & Sullivan Research)

But good enterprise mobility management is not about creating applications for desktops and mobile devices alone. It is about enhancing the user experience too. Your business needs innovative solutions that make your processes, operations, and workforce more agile.


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Enterprise Mobility in different business areas

Enterprise Mobility does not only impact and improve your internal processes and human resource management. It also affects external interactions such as customer engagement. There are several key areas where you can implement Enterprise Mobility, including

A trusted Enterprise Mobility services partner like Innoflexion can help you build a robust mobility strategy. Innoflexion has all the skills and expertise you need to develop, test, deploy and support customized mobile apps for your business.

Building agility in your business with our Enterprise Mobility service

Innoflexion offers a wide range of Enterprise Mobility services to organizations, transforming how they do business. Leveraging enterprise mobility, Innoflexion helps your business improve your company's digital experience to both internal and external stakeholders. Innoflexion's Enterprise Mobility services include both Development and Mobility Quality Assurance services. With our Enterprise Mobility Development services, what you get are:
Information 1
Information/content delivery apps
User experience (UX) design
Community, engagement, marketing & loyalty apps
Shopping Cart
Ecommerce apps
Integrated enterprise apps
Business vertical focused apps
Productivity and workflow apps
Cross-platform app development
Mobile website design

The Mobility Quality Assurance services at Innoflexion bring you QA and testing services in several areas, including


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An innovative approach to Enterprise Mobility

The Enterprise Mobility services at Innoflexion are built on three pillars – Re-think, Engage and Construct.


Enterprise Mobility empowers your organization to simplify your processes, increase productivity and make valuable insights easily accessible. Innoflexion helps your company revisit and analyze the current business processes. This helps us suggest the best-suited mobility solutions based on your business’s current status and needs. You can assess your customer engagement, employee productivity, and other interactions to create a mobility strategy that helps improve each of these.

Enterprise Mobility Rethink
Innoflexion Enterprise Mobility Engage


Innoflexion aims to improve your customer and employee engagement through its Enterprise Mobility solutions. With our innovative design thinking principles, you can accurately assess customer behaviors and user preferences and perform competitor analysis to create user personas.

Innoflexion delivers to you:

Using these critical inputs, you can make better decisions to engage your stakeholders more effectively on your Enterprise Mobile Applications.


Simply strategizing and planning is not enough; the execution has to be flawless. Innoflexion can help you create a wireframe with a complete click-through experience to show you how the completed app would look, based on the user stories and personas generated. This is followed by an efficient development cycle driven by Agile that considers the UX, scalability, security, advanced integration, and analytics of the app.

Innoflexion’s deliverables in the app construction service include:

Innoflexion Enterprise Mobility Construct

Re-think Enterprise Mobility with Innoflexion

Innoflexion takes care of everything you need to develop flawless, secure, and high-performance mobile and desktop apps.

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Increased Productivity with Decreased Expenses

The flexibility and efficiency possible through enterprise mobility can offer benefits like increased productivity and decreased expenses.

Enterprise Mobility Case Studies

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