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Test Engineering for AI-Enabled RegTech Products


  • The customer needed a test engineering service for an AI-based regulatory compliance platform that helps in legal and compliance functions by synchronizing regulations with businesses
  • It leverages artificial intelligence to conduct research and apply regulations
  • It simplifies regulation discovery, implementation, ongoing audit, and reporting, using RegFinder. The engine also annotates the researched regulations and maps them into the organizational data, using RegPad

Business Challenge

  • Identifying if changes in global regulations and compliance requirements are automatically kept track of 
  • Testing if regulatory gaps in policies and procedures can be identified in real-time
  • Attempting to gain an understanding of the rules and regulations for business across borders and build controls into internal company procedures
  • Lack of usable data in the regtech space
Test Engineering For AI Enabled RegTech Products

Innoflexion Solution

  • Testing the complete application across various platforms 
  • Reporting the bugs in jira based on bug priority
  • Having standup calls with the team and customer every week
  • Setting up a new framework for automation testing 
  • Testing the production release when there is a release
  • Cross-browser testing
Technology Stack

Manual testing, Selenium, Jira as bug reporting tool, and Browser


  • The application is successfully tested with bug free across all platforms


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