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AI Driven Chatbot for Higher Education


  • The client’s requirement was to build a Chatbot app with a Machine Learning framework that can be integrated into an institution/university’s a product/site
  • It works similar to Siri, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language for conversation between people, and its digital interface
  • Customers can Ask / text / type their question to this app and they will be answered in speech, text or type format, reducing the human effort and improving the efficiency and accuracy of the answer

Business Challenge

  • Handling the chatbot functionality
  • Viability of Data
  • Build trust and transparency by clearly showing how and where the Chatbot is using and storing user data
  • It was also needed to prevent the Chatbot from answering certain questions that are intended to access business-critical information of the company
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Innoflexion Solution

  • Worked on chatbot using Twilio between the agent and user to exchange information
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