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Compliance Tracker


Customer is the world’s largest member organization representing the accounting profession.

Business Challenge

  • CPAs practice their profession across multiple states and jurisdictions. To keep their license valid they need to meet the CPE(Continuing Professional Education) requirements of their respective jurisdiction(s) they choose to have licenses for
  • CPE requirements have 2 main buckets
  • Field of study: Course to be taken
  • External programs: Teaching/Publications etc
  • CPE requirements vary for each jurisdiction
  • Annual / Tri-annual credit requirements
  • Limitations such as mandatory or max credits can’t be earned in a particular category of study
Compliance Tracker

Innoflexion Solution

  • Innoflexion engineers along with the customer’s team designed flexible rule engine based architecture to enable domain experts to maintain multiple rules for each jurisdiction by clearly defining, documenting
  • Designed integrated accreditation workflow with integration with LMS applications to provide a consolidated view
  • The application is based on a scalable architecture to handle requests without compromising performance
  • Responsive UI  design – easy to access via mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Detailed jurisdiction-specific rules summaries for increased user awareness
Technology Stack

Java and C# .NET


  • A revenue generator for customer Product live with estimated 400K users
  • Ability to know user’s CPE deficiencies shall allow targeted course marketing
  • Huge potential for additional products to offer around the platform in future
  • Allowing partners to cross-sell
  • Led to recommendation engine work where courses are recommended to use for fulfilling deficiencies

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