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Data Engineering for Satellite Orientation


The customer is from the Aerospace & Aviation Industry

  • The aircraft Positioning project was developed for a satellite company to help optimize the satellite usage for internet services in the sky
  • The goal of the project was to process the complex data sets such as Region definition, Flight schedule, Airport definition, and Parameter data, apply suggested algorithms, and come up with anticipated aircraft and passenger density for each region/cell

Innoflexion Solution

  • The requirement was broken down into 5 steps
    • Processing of each file with filters one at a time
    • Combining all 6 different file’s data into the single data set
    • Forming an intermediate solution with the given formula
    • Forming final output using an intermediate data set
    • Forming final graphical representation with final output
  • With one click processing each step and providing the output
  • The volume of data processed was in TBs and required highly optimal algorithms to process it within the SLA
Data Engineering For Satellite Orientation
Technology Stack

NodeJS (Backend) and MongoDB (Database)


Successfully developed the motion-data capturing application


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