Indoor Positioning IPL Dashboard


  • This is a typical Indoor Navigation Application when GPS reception is normally non-existent inside the venue, other positioning technologies are used here when automatic positioning is desired
  • Customers wanted to create an indoor mapping and survey for a venue (office, factory, etc) using different sensors like gyroscope, Bluetooth, wifi sensitivity, etc
  • Using this survey, customers can efficiently track people or assets inside the venue

Business Challenge

  • Indoor Mapping: Generating indoor maps of venues (shopping malls, hospitals, universities, etc.) is not as simple as maps of outdoor environments. Because there are no GPS signals indoors and robots walking through such places can be risky
  • Indoor Navigation: Once the indoor map is ready, the application needs to localize itself in the building. Since GPS signals are not available indoors, the following are a few options technologists are working on; Beacon Technology and WPS
Indoor Positioning IPL Dashboard

Innoflexion Solution

  • Creating venues
  • Tracking of people/assets  
  • Analytics of the people/asset movement  
  • Contact tracing  
Technology Stack
  • AngularJS
  • Leaflet library
  • Nodejs, Python
  • Different AWS services like serverless, s3, dynamodb


Completed building the dashboard for tracking, analytics & venue creation


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