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Wearables With Peer 2 Peer Control


A wearable startup company in silicon valley wanted to build a platform that  leverages the smart wristband platforms to let users easily and accurately control electronic devices with intuitive wrist gestures. As well as share biometric data in the trusted friend circle.

Business Challenge

  • A wearable platform that aid near real-time  communication between users and scale with growth
  • The product feature included a mash-up of instant messaging, biometrics,s and device control over blue tooth
  • Mobile App had to facilitate the interaction with wristband and mobile phone in master-slave mode and allow for peer to peer communication as well
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Innoflexion Solution

  • The solution involved the integration of wearable hardware, software, mobile, and cloud-based middleware  to meet customer’s, production, and support requirements
  • Implemented storyboarding to capture all user stories, which unlocked hardware requirements that the client could handle
  • An early behavioral model was developed to give the team the scope to cover the vast majority of user cases
  • Planned an Agile execution with monthly SPRINTs to deliver quick stories and align with the hardware development cycle
  • A middleware platform based on  XMPP was successfully implemented, resulting in a close to real-time response for text, messaging exchange
Technology Stack

Java, XMPP, Android, Bluetooth, Apache Storm, Hadoop


  • The team was able to anticipate user experience through a behavioral model which covered all use cases and gave them a first-hand feel of how the end product would function
  • The hardware was integrated correctly on the first time

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