Risk Dynamic – Cloud Based Risk Management Platform For Commodity & Derivative Trading




RiskDynamic is a risk management platform to manage your exposure to commodities risk. Risk Dynamic not only continuously monitors all dimension of risks including hedging strategies and compliance. But leverages machine learning algorithms to help you predict and mange risk.

What Pains Will Risk Dynamic Solve?

  • A powerful  platform to measurement, monitoring and management of price risk, market risk, counterparty risk, credit risk, exchange rate risk, interest rate risk and compliance risks.
  • The product will provide a framework to implement and monitor risk policies continuously, effectively and proactively.
  • Help traders manage their hedging strategy, Dashboard with complete tracking of the results, actions and measurements




1. Single Platform

RiskDynamic gives organizations a single platform that is flexible to adjust as per changes in the markets and environment, while making risk management part of the organizations culture and regular business processes.

2. Machine Learning Enabled Prediction of Risk

Co-relate high volume of market data with risk strategy. Manage risk driven by policies in a domain specific work flow process

3. Meet Regulatory Requirements

RiskDynamic also helps you meet all your regulators reporting and control needs such as SOX and Dodd-Frank

Customer Speak

“Prior to Risk Dynamic we relied on a series of separate systems to capture the commodity management transaction data. Risk management is primarily a manual function and lacks a standard practice. With Risk Dynamics, we manage risk policies via a domain specific work flow process from the cloud. It also helps us stay on top of regulations such as SOX and Dodd-Frank and compete in a globally connected”
– Heading of Global Trading
SK Energy, South Korea