What is Tactyle?

  • Tactyle is an mobile SDK that embeds seamlessly into your app and enables monitoring performance and response times of every click and interaction of your users in varied connectivity and device environments.
  • Tactyle comes with a cloud based platform to capture metrics as well as a powerful analytics engine.
  • Tactyle helps you monitor/spot issues and bottlenecks in your mobile apps as early as possible before your users begin to notice them.

Why Tactyle is Key to Success ?

  • Developing a great app that is focused, intuitive, fast, and a pleasure to use, is just the first step in the long journey. Getting your app to have wide user acceptance and continual usage is a challenge by itself.
  • After the initial successful launch its important to measure the right metrics, and optimize and iterate your apps to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Just because someone is using the app doesn’t mean they’re enjoying the app. Its important to measure user experience to keep that MAU (Monthly Active User) metric going up.

How it Works



Product Features

Performance Metrics

  • Reaction Time: It’s the measurement that reflects the speed at which your mobile application reacts to user inputs. Such as how fast your application starts showing search results, or how fast the business transactions are completed.
  • Time to Load: This is a metric that implies the time elapse between the moment users launch your app and the moment users can start interacting with your app. It tells how fast the application becomes responsive to user queries.

Engagement Metrics

  • Session Length: This metrics provides average and cumulative time of user session. A measure of stickiness of users.
  • Most Visited: This metrics captures the top 5 most visited screen by the user
  • Activity by Hour: This metrics captures the user activity by hour of day
  • Daily Engagement: This shows the average time spent on each screen of your application by the User

Behavioral Metrics

  • User Flows: Metrics relating to the most popular screen flow sequence can be identified and user behavior patterns can be established.
  • Activity Transition: This shows the average time taken to load a screen from another screen with the element been clicked

Install Metrics

  • Installed: This shows the number of user installed your application on date basis
  • Launched: This shows the number of times your application is been used or launched by an User on date basis
  • Active users: This shows how many Users are using your app frequently on date basis

Typical Business Use Cases

App Developers

  • Given that Tactyle performance metrics is measure of a response for every touch. Tactyle metric is the most accurate measure of user experience of the app.
  • Tactyle provides actionable inputs on what flows to optimize and enhance.
  • Provides ample data to determine the appropriate screen layout for maximal user experience

Large scale Deployment & Testing

  • Identify the asset that can be cached in CDNs globally (or specific to particular geography) based on the usage pattern and its load times and its impact of user engagement
  • Fine grained data collection with allow us to do “Trend analysis” using Machine Learning and derive “Predictive models” based on AI.
  • Capability to measure the effectiveness of A-B tests

Marketing & Advertisements

  • Tactyle is Ideally suited for ads driven apps – Identify the hot screens and also hot spots in a screen
  • There is a difference between user opening an app when they are in line at a store and spending an hour using the app during their commute Just like pageviews versus time spent on the web page. Whether its ”Session Length” or Daily Engagement or Most Visited screen. These metrics on an app can help mobile strategists quantify the depth of a user’s relationship with an app. These metric is crucial to help build sticky, compelling apps.